What is the 3D Performance Lab?

Is your body moving the way it is supposed to? Our 3D Performance Lab will help identify problem areas and assist you in making positive changes in your health and wellness a life goal.

Our 3D performance lab is not only for the athletes. Our lab offers testing to help you improve movement efficiency and painful joints/muscles by identifying corrective exercises that will aide you in your goal of achieving better health. The 3D Performance lab is a quick motion analysis that uses an eight-camera marker less motion capture system to acquire an accurate skeletal model instantly. You will then perform 8-12 basic movements while the high-speed cameras placed around you capture your body's motion quality and performance. Whether you are on your road to recovery following injury or surgery the 3D performance lab can help you live better and move better.

What to Expect

The goal is to obtain a good baseline for your everyday movement, so no warmup is needed. On the day of your assessment, you will want to wear clothes you can easily move in. To obtain the best analysis we recommend you do not wear baggy or loose clothing. For a guideline on what to wear for your assessment, please review the guidelines below.

What to Wear

  • Clothes you can easily move in, such as athletic gear.
  • Solid, Dark Colors
  • Comfortable shoes

What not to Wear

  • Loose or baggy clothing
  • Green clothing. Green may interfere with the motion capture.
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The assessment is quick and simple. The instructor will have you perform a set of movements and exercises specific to you while the motion capture software records your data. During your assessment, you will receive feedback on motion quality, performance, joint vulnerability and recommendations on areas of focus and priority.

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After your screening, a physical therapist will review the results of the scan and identify some focal points or areas of emphasis to help decrease your pain/injury

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Once you've completed your initial personalized assessment, your report will be evaluated and your baseline will be established. Your report will include data we collected during your screening and will highlight areas of improvement. For a complete list of movements, please click the learn more button below.


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Health + Wellness

How do you know your body is moving the way it is supposed to? During the assessment you will be provided with feedback on motion quality, performance, joint vulnerability and recommendations on areas of focus and priority.

Sports Performance

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