Our Orthopedic Care Providers

South Bend Orthopaedics promises excellence in orthopedics. That’s why our orthopedic physicians, nurses, and other specialists work collaboratively as associates. In an associate-based practice like SBO, all of our medical professionals work together to provide comprehensive medical care to our patients. Patients coming into any of our Northern Indiana locations receive optimum care and benefit from everyone working as a team.

Physician Assistants

The physician assistants at SBO play a crucial role by providing essential support to our orthopedic surgeons and other medical professionals. Our PAs assist in various aspects of patient care, including conducting initial assessments, diagnosing orthopedic conditions, ordering and interpreting diagnostic tests, developing treatment plans, assisting in surgeries, and providing post-operative care.

Our physical therapists specialize in helping our patients regain mobility, strength, and functionality following musculoskeletal injuries or surgeries. They assess patients’ physical conditions, develop personalized treatment plans, and guide them through therapeutic exercises, stretches, and techniques to improve movement and reduce pain. Additionally, they may utilize modalities such as manual therapy, electrical stimulation, and ultrasound to enhance recovery.

  • Helen Finnan
  • Meghan Goltowski
  • Janann Lishawa
  • George Myers
  • Lorena Newkirk
  • Brandon Parsons
  • Jessica Preissing
  • Karen Schneider
  • Rachel Silver
  • Julie Sunday
  • Lisa Wolff
  • Monika Budacova
  • Julie Cummins
  • Joseph Day
  • Maciej Jaskiewicz
  • Maureen Kelbel-Purcell
  • John Kemp
  • Bailey Turner
  • Sofia Tzortzinis
  • Samantha Weidner
  • Linda Byrd

Physical therapy assistants play a vital role in patient recovery by ensuring our patients follow prescribed exercises correctly, tracking improvements, and providing feedback to the therapy team. They guide our patients through therapeutic exercises, assist in hands-on techniques, and monitor progress during rehabilitation.

  • Michelle Eichstedt
  • Kim Kinney
  • Jennifer Hammons
  • Alyssa Hoffman
  • Melanie Daggy
  • Amy Tarwacki
  • Brian Kemp
  • Jennifer Miller
  • Amy Scott

SBO’s athletic trainers provide comprehensive care and support to athletes and active individuals. They collaborate with our sports medicine physicians to develop injury prevention strategies, create customized rehabilitation plans, and offer immediate care on the field or court. Our athletic trainers also educate athletes about proper techniques, exercise routines, and injury management.

  • Brian Czachowski

The Occupational therapists at SBO assess patients’ functional limitations, design personalized rehabilitation plans, and guide them through exercises and techniques that improve fine motor skills, dexterity, and coordination. Our certified hand therapists (CHTs), with advanced training in hand and upper extremity conditions, provide specialized care for hand injuries, surgeries, and conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome. Both teams work closely with other associates and offer customized interventions, including splinting, manual therapy, and ergonomic education. 

Occupational Therapists

  • Kathleen Parker
  • Ellen Bruneel (PRN)
  • Dominico Prospero (PRN)

Certified Hand Therapists

  • Lindsey Nagy
  • Christine Zmyslo
  • Debra Leazenby (PRN)
  • Anna (Kate) Diedrich
You deserve to live your life pain-free and our associates are here help! Contact South Bend Orthopaedics today and connect with our team of expert orthopedic surgeons, physical or occupational therapists, sports medicine specialists, and more. Whether you’re seeking surgical expertise, rehabilitation support, or personalized care, our dedicated professionals will guide you throughout your journey to recovery and a better quality of life.