South Bend Orthopaedics Workers’ Compensation Program

Navigating the complexities of the workers’ compensation system and understanding one’s rights can be a daunting task, leaving many unsure of where to seek assistance.
That’s where South Bend Orthopaedics’ workers’ compensation program comes into play. Our program is designed to alleviate the burden associated with recovering from work-related injuries. Whether your clients are contending with repetitive motion injuries or more severe on-the-job accidents, we’re here to provide valuable support. Our services encompass case management, second opinions, comprehensive treatment and surgical options, medical evaluations, work-related rehabilitation, and more.

With our expertise and commitment to facilitating recovery, we aim to make the workers’ compensation journey as smooth as possible for your clients. We’re ready and excited to collaborate with you to ensure the best possible outcomes for those in need.

Table of Contents

Workers’ Compensation Appointments

To request a workers’ compensation appointment, please fill out the form below and a member of our team will contact you as soon as possible. You can also reach us at 574-247-5119.

Orthopedic Treatments for Work-related Injuries

South Bend Orthopaedics’ physicians and professional staff understand the importance for those in need to get the care they deserve, accomplish a full recovery and return to work as soon as possible. With 19 board-certified orthopedic specialists, SBO offers specialized care for all musculoskeletal medical condition or injury, including:

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South Bend Orthopaedics expert knee care icon with a white x-ray of a hand and wrist in a dark blue circle

Hand & Wrist

We are committed to ensuring a speedy recovery for your team and our multi-specialty approach assures superior medical treatment and case management.

Workers’ Comp Rehabilitation Therapy

At South Bend Orthopaedics, we offer specialized physical and occupational therapy for work-related injuries. Our industrial therapy program prioritizes results, facilitating a safe and swift return to work for injured individuals. Through a personalized, interdisciplinary approach, we design tailored treatment plans to effectively restore health and enable a return to the activities they cherish. Our emphasis is on return-to-work strategies, fostering clear communication among employees, employers, case managers, and insurance companies.

Key components of our industrial rehabilitation program include:

Physical Therapy

Industrial rehabilitation often involves physical therapy to help you recover strength, flexibility, and range of motion after a work-related injury.

Occupational Therapy

Our occupational therapists focus on helping you regain the specific skills necessary for your job duties. This may include tasks like lifting, carrying, operating machinery, or using tools.

Work Conditioning

SBO’s work conditioning programs are designed to simulate job-related tasks and gradually increase your physical capabilities. These programs are tailored to your job requirements and may include exercises and activities that mimic their work responsibilities.

Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE)

FCEs assess your physical and functional abilities in relation to your job demands. They help determine whether you’re ready to return to work and what modifications, if any, are needed.

Ergonomics and Job Modification

Your rehabilitation plan may involve our therapists recommending ergonomic changes or job modifications to prevent future injuries.

Education and Injury Prevention

We include education on injury prevention strategies, proper body mechanics, and workplace safety measures to reduce the risk of future injuries.

Medical Record Review

Our physicians review, interpret, and analyze medical records received to identify discrepancies, primary factors of causation and whether or not the Standard of Care has been met.

To request an appointment for an IME, medical record review, or peer review, please fill out the form below and someone from our office will contact you as soon as possible. You can also reach us at 574-247-9441.

Insurance-requested Second Opinions

SBO physicians can provide a thorough second opinion in situations where insurance/claim adjusters are requesting this appointment on behalf of the patient in order to review their current treatment plan and determine if take-over-care is needed.

Why Choose South Bend Orthopaedics?

We have been proudly serving the South Bend, Mishawaka, Plymouth, Elkhart and LaPorte communities for over 70 years, and have established a reputation of providing exceptional care that helps individuals regain their independence and productivity after work-related injuries.Our team of experienced orthopedic specialists and rehabilitation experts are dedicated to ensuring a swift recovery for all.

Contact us now to learn more about our workers’ compensation case management, treatment options, and rehabilitation programs.