Orthopedic Patient Referrals: A Collaborative Approach With Your Primary Doctor

Being referred to South Bend Orthopaedics in Northern Indiana offers a multitude of benefits for patients seeking specialized care. Our dedicated team of experienced orthopedic specialists provides a comprehensive approach to musculoskeletal health. With a referral, you gain access to our unparalleled expertise, cutting-edge diagnostic tools, and tailored treatment plans that address your specific condition or injury. SBO’s collaborative approach ensures seamless coordination with your referring healthcare provider, enhancing the quality of care you receive. Being a referred patient at South Bend Orthopaedics means you can expect personalized attention and a focus on your individual needs.

Do I Need a Referral to See an Orthopedic Physician?

Whether or not you need a referral to see an orthopedic physician depends on your insurance provider. Some insurance plans require a referral from your primary care physician or another healthcare provider before you can schedule an appointment with one of our orthopedic specialists. Others may allow you to seek orthopedic care directly without a referral. It’s best to check your insurance policy or contact your insurance provider to determine their specific requirements regarding referrals for orthopedic consultations.

Our Locations

We see referred patients at the following locations. All offices are open Monday–Friday, 8AM–5 PM and can be reached by calling 574-247-9441.

Patient Referral Form for Physicians

South Bend Orthopaedics looks forward to collaborating with you to evaluate and treat your patients. Our goal is to enhance your practice by offering swift consultations and effective communication. Feel free to reach out to us, and we’ll make every effort to schedule your patients promptly. We are eager to join forces in providing the best care for your patients.

You can find our patient referral form here. Please have the following information available when calling to schedule a referral appointment.

SBO wants to ensure that we are meeting the needs of our referring physicians’ patients. If you have any questions about our orthopedic services or need to schedule a referral appointment for your patient, please call 574-247-9441 and ask for Physician Referral.

Don’t keep living with pain. Ask your healthcare provider for a referral to South Bend Orthopaedics today. Embark on your path to a more active, pain-free life. Your journey to optimal orthopedic health begins with us! Contact a member of our caring, compassionate team at 574-247-9441 for more information.