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SBOrthoNow: Our Orthopedic Walk-In Clinic

SBOrthoNow, the orthopedic walk-in clinic offered by South Bend Orthopaedics, provides immediate care for a wide range of orthopedic issues, including breaks, strains, and sprains. There’s no need to schedule an appointment, walk-ins are always welcome. At SBOrthoNow, we understand that injuries can happen unexpectedly, and that’s why we believe in “instant injury…instant care.” While your injury may not be an emergency, our team recognizes that these situations are often urgent. They require swift attention and expertise to ensure a prompt and effective recovery.

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Why Choose SBOrthoNow for Immediate Orthopedic Care?

SBOrthoNow specializes exclusively in orthopedic issues, ensuring our patients receive highly specialized care tailored to their unique needs. Enjoy shorter wait times and more efficient treatment with a clinic designed to address your musculoskeletal injuries promptly. When you opt for care at SBOrthoNow, you get the best of both worlds: immediate attention from orthopedic experts and a streamlined experience that caters to your specific concerns.

  • Immediate Access: Same day appointments and walk-ins. Shorter wait times than the ER or urgent care.
  • Specialty Care: Go straight to an orthopedic specialist for a fast and accurate diagnosis and treatment plan.
  • Treatment Options for the Whole Family: SBOrthoNow welcomes patients of all ages with orthopedic concerns.
  • Lower Cost: SBOrthoNow bills as a specialty office visit, not as an urgent care or ER, saving you money.
  • Onsite Access to Additional Services: X-ray, MRI, and casting/bracing services are available onsite.
  • Reduced Exposure to Infectious Disease: We only treat orthopedic conditions, which are not infectious.
  • In Network Coverage: We accept most major insurance plans. We also offer cash rates. Please call to verify your coverage prior to treatment.

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How to Decide Where to Seek Medical Treatment

When you or someone you love gets hurt suddenly, it can be difficult to assess the best place to go for medical attention. Here are some ways to help you decide if the injury requires a visit to SBOrthoNow, the ER, or an urgent care clinic.

When to Visit SBOrthoNow

SBOrthoNow is an immediate orthopedic care clinic that provides same-day, walk-in care for orthopedic injuries* including:

  • Sprains/strains
  • Minor dislocations
  • Fractures/broken bones
  • Sports injuries
  • Torn ligaments/injured tendons
  • Cast or splint issues
  • Painful or swollen joints
  • Workers’ comp injuries (requires supervisor authorization)
  • Other musculoskeletal injuries

When to Visit the Emergency Room

Treatment in an emergency department can cost two to three times more than the same care in your doctor’s office. However, some reasons to head straight to the ER may include:

  • Bone is fractured at a severe angle
  • Cuts and/or deep lacerations
  • Severe burns
  • Bone is visible or there is an open wound over the fracture (compound fracture)
  • Trouble breathing/passing out/fainting
  • Heavy bleeding/coughing or throwing up blood
  • Severe allergic reaction with trouble breathing, swelling, hives

When to Visit an Urgent Care Clinic

Urgent care may be a good option if your regular doctor’s office is closed but you need immediate help with addressing:

  • Common colds
  • Flu
  • Earaches
  • Sore throats
  • Rashes (limited)
  • Any condition not related to bones, joints, or muscles

*Disclaimer: The following orthopedic conditions are NOT treated at SBOrthoNow: Individuals bleeding from a musculoskeletal injury. Please proceed directly to a hospital emergency room or contact your current treating physician’s office for guidance. Individuals whose pain is not the result of a very recent injury or if under the care of an orthopedic surgeon. Please call our office and request to be seen sooner. Those suffering from long-term or chronic conditions, such as back pain. Please make an appointment to see one of our physicians who specializes in your condition. (An SBOrthoNow visit is only appropriate in this situation if there has been a fall or other traumatic injury in the past few days.) Patients who need to address problems with a cast or surgical dressing. Please contact your treating physician for these issues. We do not treat animal bites.

Don’t let a sudden orthopedic injury disrupt your life. Experience immediate care with SBOrthoNow, the walk-in orthopedic clinic from South Bend Orthopaedics. There’s no appointment necessary—just walk right in and get the best orthopedic care in St. Joseph County that’s immediate, efficient, and tailored to your needs. Say goodbye to lengthy ER or urgent care clinic wait times and hello to expert attention when you need it the most.

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