What is Flatfoot & Cavovarus Correction?

Flatfoot and cavovarus correction are orthopedic procedures designed to address abnormal foot arches and alignment issues, providing relief from associated symptoms.

Benefits of Flatfoot & Cavovarus Correction?

There are numerous benefits associated with flatfoot and cavovarus correction procedures:

Pain Relief: Experience long-term pain alleviation by addressing the root cause of discomfort related to abnormal foot arches and misalignments.

Improved Stability: Enhance the stability of your foot and ankle, reducing the risk of falls or injuries and contributing to better overall balance.

Enhanced Functionality: These procedures aim to restore or improve the natural alignment of the foot, leading to enhanced overall foot functionality. Activities like walking, running, and standing become more comfortable.

Normalized Weight Distribution: By correcting deformities, weight is redistributed more evenly across the foot, preventing excessive stress on specific areas and reducing the risk of additional foot problems.

Optimized Gait: A corrected foot arch and alignment contribute to a more natural gait, reducing fatigue and discomfort during movement.

Minimized Risk of Complications: Addressing deformities helps prevent or minimize the risk of secondary complications, such as arthritis, joint degeneration, or further structural damage.

Cosmetic Improvement: Beyond functional benefits, these correction surgeries can result in a more aesthetically pleasing foot appearance, positively impacting self-esteem and confidence.

Increased Quality of Life: Overall, corrective procedures aim to improve the quality of life for individuals with flatfoot or cavovarus deformities. Patients often experience reduced pain, increased mobility, and a restored ability to engage in various activities.

Conditions Treated by Flatfoot & Cavovarus Correction

Flatfoot and cavovarus correction procedures are employed to address various orthopedic conditions and symptoms associated with or caused by flatfoot or cavovarus, including:

  • Flatfoot (pes planus)
  • Cavovarus deformity
  • Arch misalignments
  • Foot pain related to abnormal arches
  • Ankle instability
  • Walking difficulties
  • Gait abnormalities

If you’re experiencing discomfort or challenges related to flatfoot or cavovarus deformities, these correction procedures can offer substantial relief and improvement. Our dedicated specialists at South Bend Orthopedic are here to guide you through the process, prioritizing your comfort, stability, and overall well-being.